Many busy professionals and working adults are unable to commit to traditional education, mainly due to time constraints. Online learning has however, solved this problem to a great extent. Busy adults with jam-packed schedules can now pursue their studies without disturbing their personal or professional routine. A recent study revealed that approximately 46% of professional [...]

7 Habits of Successful Online Students

Tuesday, 04. 30. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education

Online education is the best solution for working professionals and busy adults with family obligations. It provides flexibility and affordability which a traditional university cannot. However, before you enroll yourself in an online degree program it is advised that you assess yourself and your study habits. In order to succeed it is essential for online [...]

Do You Really Need a College Degree?

Wednesday, 04. 24. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education, Education

Success, in today’s competitive job market, depends largely on your education and skills. Skills might get you far in your career, but a degree will get you further ahead. A college degree can unlock opportunities for you in industries; that are otherwise hard to break into. Many people find college hard due to the academic, [...]

A number of traditional schools and colleges out there offer career guidance services to their students. They have a separate department that focuses on student development and provide them with services such as career consultancy and job placement. They also provide certain specialized trainings to students seeking to improve their career prospects. While talking about [...]

Job interview is the best opportunity for you to show the potential employer your skills, qualifications and experiences. Through a job interview, an employer tries to find out whether you fulfill the criteria of a particular job role. Organizations today either make us of the traditional job interview or the behavioral interview: A traditional job [...]

E-Book Culture Gaining Momentum

Saturday, 03. 9. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education, Education

Quite a few universities, in the recent past, have tried to move away from the traditional textbook format but they were not very successful in breaking free from this method of learning. Although all kind of reading material is now available on internet yet several instructors make their students purchase printed text books. A recent [...]

The rapidly growing global digital workplace has transformed education, teaching and learning which is now targeted to individual progress and learning. Businesses need employees that are not only well educated but have a can-do attitude, a  willingness to take on responsibility, a creative and innovative approach to solving problems and the ability to cope with [...]

How does the online education process work?

Friday, 02. 22. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education

If you have never taken an online course in your life, you might think they are very different from the regular classroom trainings. You are likely to form an image, like most others, that online classes involve no human interaction and you will be studying automated courses on your own. That is not true. But [...]

Do moms really need higher education?

Monday, 02. 18. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education, Education

It’s common among women to put a stop to their education as they become moms. Their priorities change and they become more focused on their families. Looking after the children and their upbringing becomes their prime concern. They wait for their children to grow up and start going to middle school before planning to resume [...]

How to ace an online program

Thursday, 02. 14. 2013  –  Category: Distance Education, Education

During 2001 when online education had newly started getting popular with the masses, almost half of the student population hated it for its complicated and user-unfriendly format. And the other half admitted that they are not self-motivated enough to work on their own. Things have changed since then.  With the innovations and advancements in educational [...]